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Games "So, to summarise this buyer's guide to next gen consoles: don't." Yahtzee, as usual, nails it. I particularly like the apt description of how you used to buy a console because it had the specific games you wanted, whereas now it feels like you're buying a console because it's holding the games you want hostage.
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I couldn't even get past the 2nd level of Black And White. Very tough game that one. There's little chance of my replaying that though as I've since sold it.

I do keep meaning to replay Unreal. Sadly I don't have another 6 months of my life to dedicate to that game (from what I recall - it was /epic/)

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Unreal is a piece of art. While it looks really cubic by nowadays standard, the spirit is still there : narration, crispy sounds and screaming birds, music going with the pace, fantastic visual transitions. This is one of the most brilliant game ever made, period. And they reiterated with Return to Napali : Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger !

6 months worth of every minute spent on this game.


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And Unreal still looks pretty good in some aspects, with its detail textures and water effects.

Too bad audio is hard to run properly - newer OS don't support A3D.

Sadly, I never finished it ...maybe one day.

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