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Games "So, to summarise this buyer's guide to next gen consoles: don't." Yahtzee, as usual, nails it. I particularly like the apt description of how you used to buy a console because it had the specific games you wanted, whereas now it feels like you're buying a console because it's holding the games you want hostage.
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RE[4]: In regard to next gen ...
by Kochise on Thu 6th Jun 2013 18:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: In regard to next gen ..."
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Amiga games were some of the most enjoyable to play. Cadaver, Alien Breed, Space Marines, Turrican, Micro Machines, Flood, Populous, Gods, ...

Now games are mostly just tech demonstrations of game engines. Yup, fantastic, graphically intense, surround sound, but you already pay for the machine a great bill (PC or PS) and then games. I hope you get something in return for the price paid.

Retro gaming through Mame and emulators is fantastic. Get second hand games for 1$ of nothing, grab the ROM/disc image, launch the emulator, procrastinate.


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I think Commodore 64 were more magical, but Amiga certainly had some magic too and were better.

Personally I'm not very found of emulators. They are not the real thing and the keyboard is always an annoyance.

I've got an Amiga 1200 with a CF card containing the OS and tons of games. Boot in 2 seconds, games fly in to memory.

My Commodore 128 has a cartridge in which you can put an SD card containing software. Singe file programs/games can be run just like that. Disk images can be written to real disks. It's a great and easy to download stuff from the Internet and get it on your C64/128.

I think there is a project to run stuff from disk images directly. If that works they can lock me up with my C128 and I'll be fine for a long time.

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