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Games "So, to summarise this buyer's guide to next gen consoles: don't." Yahtzee, as usual, nails it. I particularly like the apt description of how you used to buy a console because it had the specific games you wanted, whereas now it feels like you're buying a console because it's holding the games you want hostage.
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Of course, just because it's not in the medium you prefer, it must obviously suck.

Nevertheless, you're in luck and he does write articles too, to increase the discussion mentioned in the video:

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No, it has nothing to do with my preference, its an obvious objective fact.

Just sat through it. Yup, it sucks. The easiest way to convey information is through text. Its easily searchable, scan-able and parsed. It requires a minimum of skill necessary to convey information to another person. If you're trying to write something technical, its easy to skip back and forth between a chart of stats and text explaining the stats. if you're writing something humorous, its easier to deliver the jokes on paper than putting it into words and having a comedian deliver them with the appropriate intonation, timing, and body movements. Not to mention the video filming, editing and production work that has to go into it. Most people suck at it. Its rare to find someone who is good enough to actually sit through a review before becoming annoyed enough to go somewhere else to find the information.

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