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Legal This story is getting bigger and bigger. Even though most Americans probably already knew, it is now official: the United States government, through its National Security Agency, is collecting the communications and data of all American citizens, and of non-Americans using American services, through a wide collaboration with the large companies in technology, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. Interestingly enough, the NSA itself, as well as the US government, have repeatedly and firmly denied this massive spying on Americans and non-Americans took place at all.
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RE[3]: Why is this bad?
by umccullough on Fri 7th Jun 2013 16:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why is this bad?"
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Well, I tend to disagree with you. At least until such laws are actually passed. Which, again, may not be a bad thing, since there are some currently legal activities which, to my opinion, should be punished by law.

And that's the problem - the opinion of a few against the opinion of the many.

As I've said before - this is going to eventually lead to a revolution - a revolution that our government already sees coming and is trying their hardest to circumvent by spying on everyone and locking more and more people away in prisons for non-violent crimes, revealing their secrets, chilling free speech, and generally pandering to the rich and powerful corporations and financial institutions that run them.

You're just a cog in their game, congrats.

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