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Legal This story is getting bigger and bigger. Even though most Americans probably already knew, it is now official: the United States government, through its National Security Agency, is collecting the communications and data of all American citizens, and of non-Americans using American services, through a wide collaboration with the large companies in technology, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. Interestingly enough, the NSA itself, as well as the US government, have repeatedly and firmly denied this massive spying on Americans and non-Americans took place at all.
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it's too late
by bullethead on Sat 8th Jun 2013 00:16 UTC
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it's late, the comedy shows are going to be on TV soon. Why bother me with irrelevant information?

NSA has from things I have read, all data from all digital and analogue transmission sources from all around the world, all saved and all able to be visually analyzed at a seconds notice. The technology is glorious.

The "reporters" had to throw a fit because the AP and others were getting investigated, that news broke a week or so ago if you read the wires. Expect your normal internet broadcasts to go back to bread and circuses pretty soon.

When you are a pawn in a chessboard, or a battery to be used up and thrown away, why care about this nonsense. it's all hopeless, it's all by design.

there is no double edged sword with the internet, it is a surveillance tool plain and simple, and in terms of civilization in general the candle is burning on both ends from what I can see. You have logic and reason on one side, and you have a zoo on the other. logic and reason shouldn't be the zoo keeper, and the animals in the zoo shouldn't be let out of the cage. the cage of their own "minds".

it's so sick and completely common sense this has been going on for decades. haha, tell me when something I care about happens. Like when Ubuntu Phone OS becomes stable, or when I can get glass which works with my glasses.

good day.

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