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Legal I didn't want to put this in the article on the coordinated PR campaign, but the fact that one company refuses to cooperate with the US government in the way Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others were more than willing to do, is very, very important. This means that the argument "but we had to do the things we did because Washington told us to" holds no water. Twitter's refusal proves that the others did not have to say yes - they chose to do so. Whenever someone - a corporate PR person, company blogger, or fanboy - tells you Microsoft, Apple, or Google had no choice, all you need to say is "Twitter".
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Moot point
by bowkota on Sat 8th Jun 2013 23:04 UTC
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This story came out at this point in time but it doesn't prove that Twitter would not have been involved in the future.

They all joined in allegedly at different times and if we learned of this back in 2010 than you would be talking about Apple and Twitter.

The one doesn't disprove the other.

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