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Legal This story is getting bigger and bigger. Even though most Americans probably already knew, it is now official: the United States government, through its National Security Agency, is collecting the communications and data of all American citizens, and of non-Americans using American services, through a wide collaboration with the large companies in technology, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. Interestingly enough, the NSA itself, as well as the US government, have repeatedly and firmly denied this massive spying on Americans and non-Americans took place at all.
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"And how many people are held in Guantanamo, as compared to Gulag?

I don't think is a matter of quantity but quality. As someone else pointed although Guantanamo prisoners are considered terrorist even prisoners have the right to a fair trial.

Just how many fair trials do you reckon were carried out in the whole Gulag system?

" Great example. Forbidding citizens from visiting few countries considered hostile

Cuba has never been particularly hostile against north american tourists after the cold war.

As I said every county facing similar circumstances will do the same so we cannot call every other county better or worst.

You, dear sir, have NO idea, what you're blabbering about. Just some random western hippie nonsense.

Please, read the Applebaum book recommended by Tony Swash (I'm agreeing with Tony Swash on something, where and how do we mark the occasion?). If that's a bit too neutral for you then a more devastating and personal touch is applied in "The Gulag Archipelago".

Look, I know that this spying scandal (wow...I'm finally steering towards being on topic) is maddening and frivolous, and I agree with you. But this is NOWHERE near the scale of devastation applied in the Soviet Union or other stalinist regimes, for that matter.

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