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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Apple held its big keynote event thing at WWDC earlier this evening, but since I was away with friends I've had to read up on it later in the evening. The company announced iOS 7, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and they gave a preview of the new Mac Pro. Especially the Mac Pro impressed me, and while iOS 7's new Holo/Metro-inspired theme looks messy and garish to me, I do commend Apple for finally breaking the mold. This news item will focus on iOS 7 - I'll dive into the Mac Pro and OS X 10.9 tomorrow (it's late here now).
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OS X Mavericks
by sforstall1983 on Tue 11th Jun 2013 03:44 UTC
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I looked at OS X Mavericks and some of the new features, Maps and eBooks I have been using Maps with my current Linux distribution, OS4, which included maps for at least a year, they included Nokia Maps then switched to Google Maps and it was the first Linux distro that I know of that included FBReader as an ebook reader by default. Thunar and Nautilus have had tabs and apps could go full screen long before Mavericks did as well. I think Mavericks is just playing catch up with some of the things that have already been around for awhile.

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RE: OS X Mavericks
by kristoph on Tue 11th Jun 2013 04:39 in reply to "OS X Mavericks"
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Maps and an eBook reader (like, say, Kindle Reader) are all available on the Mac now. It's just Apple has finally decided to make official apps for their own platform.

The lack of iBooks support on Mac has always been ridiculously stupid and frustrating and made iBooks less attractive then the kindle.

The 'Top Gun' OS X release has some nice features I'll use but it's, once again, not a 'must have' upgrade. But I'd say for $29 for all your machines it's worth it.

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