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Games Sony just won the console war for this generation. Not only is the PS4 going to be cheaper, Sony's CEO gloated on stage last night at E3 with the biggest possible grin as he detailed that all that nonsensical DRM crap that Microsoft is pulling, like blocking used games sales and stuff like that? Yeah, Sony's PS4 will have none of that. Sony even made an instructional video to explain how sharing games works.
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Doesn't mean much.
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 11th Jun 2013 15:11 UTC
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All this says is that Sony is not completely stupid, and sees Microsoft's policy as a potential boost for them if they hold back on doing anything similar for a generation. I fully expect, once Microsoft has taken the hit and begins recovering from their blunder, Sony will consider the waters tested and set up something similar themselves. I wouldn't trust them. Hell, with Sony known for taking away features on purchased hardware, I would not be surprised if they start toying around with this idea themselves before the next generation is even up. There really is nothing to get excited over until Sony proves themselves over time.

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