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Games Sony just won the console war for this generation. Not only is the PS4 going to be cheaper, Sony's CEO gloated on stage last night at E3 with the biggest possible grin as he detailed that all that nonsensical DRM crap that Microsoft is pulling, like blocking used games sales and stuff like that? Yeah, Sony's PS4 will have none of that. Sony even made an instructional video to explain how sharing games works.
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Looks good but still with caveats!
by TM99 on Tue 11th Jun 2013 15:26 UTC
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For now, yes, no mandatory online or DRM schemes from Sony.

Corporations like EA could implement it, but at least then I have a choice. I can choose not to purchase an EA title with DRM activation. I can't do that on the Xbox.

Yes, online multiplayer will mean a $5.00 a month PSN account. Well, for me that is not a problem as I don't play online. I am a single person player or a local co-op. If there aren't enough titles on the PS4, I still have tons for my PS3, PS2, PSX, Gamecube, Wii, etc.

Now, it is an expensive beast - $499.00 SRP at launch. I will not be getting one any time soon.

There is also the issue with PS3 games needing to be repurchased from the PSN store to run. But I have a PS3, so I don't need to worry there.

Finally, in response to the poster about moving strictly to downloads, no thank you! If that occurs, then DRM and walled-gardens have won. I don't want to be locked into things. I have avoided Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Plus, Google+, etc. and I don't want to get roped into this social shit with my gaming either.

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The PS4 is not $499 its $399. Its the Xbox One that is $499.

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Thanks for the correction. I got them mixed up. That definitely makes the PS4 a bit more appealing for sure.

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