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Zeta I've always been a huge fan of BeOS. However, there was no denying the fact that the BeOS was getting old. As many other BeOS fans, I closely followed two projects: Haiku, and yellowTAB's Zeta. The latter released 1.0 a few weeks ago. Here are the findings of an old BeOS user.
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RE: superfast booting linux
by gilboa on Mon 18th Jul 2005 10:01 UTC in reply to "superfast booting linux"
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if you use this, it gives you a simple shell really fast:

lilo: linux rw init=/bin/bash

If your distro uses an initrd image or your kernel doesn't have all the required driver compiled into the binary image, at best you'll have an empty OS under your hands.
sysinit is there for a reason.
Even init 1 may cause grief on some distros.


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RE[2]: superfast booting linux
by evert on Mon 18th Jul 2005 10:35 in reply to "RE: superfast booting linux"
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OK, thanks, I just stick to {
lilo: linux rw 1 /or/ lilo: linux rw single } then

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