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Intel "Intel is planning its own UI overlay, codenamed 'Obsidian', that it will bring to the mobile operating system Tizen and possibly Android. A source working at Intel has tipped Ars with several early screenshots and some video of Intel's Obsidian project, which includes a handful of unique UI touches."
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Another smart phone interface?
by cmost on Thu 13th Jun 2013 01:12 UTC
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Do we really need another smart phone interface? I've noticed that Firefox and Ubuntu are trying to get in the game with their own Smart Phone OSs. That's nice and all but personally I find the raw, vanilla Android experience on my Galaxy Nexus to be superb. I am planning on buying a shiny new Samsung S4 sans fluff directly from Google Play in the near future. Android is evolving by leaps and bounds and Google seems to be on top of the fragmentation problem that plagued earlier versions and has a system in place now to help mitigate that. I'm all for letting Google reign supreme! Thoughts?

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My thoughts are:

1.) It's really unlikely you will ever see this UI on an actual phone held in your hand. Carriers and manufacturers are known to add their own UI (or just some UI touches) before offering a phone to end users. Phones with a non-ARM CPU will prob'ly get the same treatment and testers and developers will have a default UI to use if they are going to use a 'raw' Tizen handset.

2.) Learning new stuff is good for your brain. So don't learn it if you don't want to. Intel's UI is not the only phone interface out there. It's not out there yet either.

You may even have to pay someone for a phone that actually uses it in order to learn it. Double Bonus! You could avoid the UI and conserve cash by not buying one.

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I'm all for letting Google reign supreme!

The NSA would probably agree.

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