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Apple We already talked about iOS 7 yesterday (after a night of sleep, it's only looking worse and worse - look at this, for Fiona's sake!), so now it's time to talk about the downright stunning and belly flutters-inducing new Mac Pro. As former owner and huge, huge, huge fan of the PowerMac G4 Cube - I haven't been this excited about an Apple product since, well, I would say the iMac G4. This is the Apple I used to love.
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Also - Anyone who sees no difference between a 3 foot tall beige box with 4 loud fans, case cracked open, card slots full and 10 cables dangling and this tiny little powerhouse cylinder are blind and dumb. Stop ignoring reality. Noise, power usage, cable organization, and presentation (for clients) is all critical stuff, not fluff.

What a load of BS. Any decent tower (<25dB) is way below the ambient sound level of even the quietest office (40-50dB). My Antec Sonata is a mere 18dB - you literally can't hear it unless you put your ear against the case.

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Office ≠ Production Studio.

Mics can hear fans just fine. Compressors can especially hear fans.

Fans, buzz, hum, bad shielding, interference from bad cabling -- all very important in a production environment.

Office is for Office/iWork, not a place to do production.

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80% of that 40-50dB ambient noise is computer devices. And your desktop is not a $10,000 production workstation. And ambient noise does matter if you are professionally producing audio.

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