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Apple We already talked about iOS 7 yesterday (after a night of sleep, it's only looking worse and worse - look at this, for Fiona's sake!), so now it's time to talk about the downright stunning and belly flutters-inducing new Mac Pro. As former owner and huge, huge, huge fan of the PowerMac G4 Cube - I haven't been this excited about an Apple product since, well, I would say the iMac G4. This is the Apple I used to love.
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RE[3]: LOL
by HappyGod on Fri 14th Jun 2013 05:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: LOL"
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Wow, my own personal opinion being based on a personal bias? No sheet Sherlock!

You weren't expressing an opinion. Opinions are indicated by things like "I think", "In my opinion", IMHO etc.

You were expressing a fact (or so you thought):

"another expensive sacrifice to the altar of form over function"

I just pointed out that your point was pure speculation. If you don't have any evidence for something you say, it's probably best to just not say anything until you do.

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RE[4]: LOL
by Tuishimi on Sat 15th Jun 2013 02:27 in reply to "RE[3]: LOL"
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Everything everyone writes in a forum like this is opinion unless they express measurements or some other non-subjective information. His statement was subjective ergo his opinion.

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