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Mac OS X The third and final WWDC product I want to talk about is - of course - OS X 10.9 Mavericks. While iOS 7 was clearly the focus of this year's WWDC, its venerable desktop counterpart certainly wasn't left behind. Apple announced OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the first OS X release not to carry the name of a big cat.
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RE: Interested in compression
by kaiwai on Fri 14th Jun 2013 16:08 UTC in reply to "Interested in compression"
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After reading through the Core Technology overview PDF on mavericks i am interested in how the OS is going to work.

The biggest problem ive had in recent releases was when Lion messed up Expose, however bringing that back in Mountain Lion fixed that, i haven't got any other complaints.

I used to be more vocal on HFS+, as during the leopard/snow leopard era i had a couple of filesystem cascade crashes where every folder just corrupted itself. The HDD was physically fine the fs not so much. However i haven't had one of these in the Lion + era so perhaps a revision has been made to the FS and it fixed the stability of it, i trust NTFS more still (apart from the king which is ZFS).

The impression I get with HFS+ is that Core Storage is going to be where all the 'fun' occurs and to the applications sitting on top things will keep working as they do. I'm sure they've looked at the scenario of replacing and realised that it'll cause more problems that it solves with the benefits being minuscule to the end user when compared to the pain that it brings. This way you get to 'clean house' and improve HFS+ without the disruption a new file system will result in. I'd say it is very much a layered way of doing things very much like how FreeBSD bought enhancements to its own file system.

i am interested in the compression and i like the idea of bringing CPU cycles in line, i have a macbook air which has fixed 4GB RAM, personally for the work i do on it, it's fine, i don't develop or edit large photos / videos. However i do notice that it sometimes starts getting a little full so if the compression reduces this down ill be happy.

True, and a good amount of that memory, I'd hazard to guess, is stuff that the end user is no longer even using such as the case of Safari where if you close a tab the memory isn't instantly reclaimed - hopefully with the new per-process tab and other infrastructure improvements along with a quick adoption of new technologies by third parties the situation will improve greatly.

As said i like the idea of bringing the CPU cycles together along with the other battery enhancing (app nap) stuff, again im not going to complain as my MBA does incredibly well, however an extra hour or so would be a big bonus for an inexpensive software upgrade.

I love the idea of Calendar, Reminders and hopefully the address book looking professional again, i hated the leather look of Lion and thought that calendar looked great from the Leopard/SL era.

Photobooth still has the horrible Scott Forstall look so I'm hoping that a build later down the track will result in its cleaning up in favour of the same sort of professional appearance rather than the gimmicky crap that was introduced during Scott's time at the helm.

The most interesting part of the overview document was that SMB2 is the default sharing protocol, which is surprising that apple are not going to push AFP and simply go with SMB. Although i will admit that this makes sense as it's a protocol with the help of Samba that all the OS's can read.

Overall im excited for this release. It does feel that Lion was similar to Microsoft's Vista, in that it brought a lot of changes and some new underpinnings and now apple are able to take advantage of these and start pushing out more features.

Not surprised; it has been one good thing that I've noticed with Apple - they'll kill something off that no longer has an advantage and a reason for existing other than for sentimental value. Apple has also put Quicktime off to pasture as it is now considered deprecated in favour of AV Kit which will hopefully translate into a better experience for Windows users of their i-devices. One thing I noted over on Reddit in a reply is how the removal of Scott has resulted in serious power user improvements finally appearing in OS X where as it seemed to be for the last couple of releases the focus was on user visible gimmicks such as faux leather, the Games Centre etc. rather than addressing the stuff that heavy lifting pro's need fixing up.

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