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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm: "Well, I'm not sure I would have sold the company to HP. That's for sure. Talk about a waste. Not that I had any choice because when you sell a company you don't get to decide that. Obviously, the board and shareholders decide that. If we had known they were just going to shut it down and never really give it a chance to flourish, what would have been the point of selling the company? I think the deal we had with Verizon really hurt us, but who knew that at the time? These things are all hindsight."
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WebOS was ahead of its time
by Noremacam on Sat 15th Jun 2013 11:45 UTC
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WebOS had a lot of issues, which I attribute to a lack of polish that it sorely needed, and us WebOS afficiandos believed HP would give it.

WebOS had so much going for it. WebOS proved that multitasking on a smartphone can be easy and desireable - apple now copies their card like design, and android(starting with 4.0) has a similar view, with apps you can slide off to close.

WebOS had notifications that can have controls on them like the music app, and you could slide away notifications that you didn't care for. Android resellers added those features in and Google added them in proper in Android 4.0.

Synergy enabled unification of contacts from different sources into one meta contact, with access to all their information in one source. Companies like HTC quickly added this feature to their android phones shortly after.

Like with synergy, your contact communications were in one place. You didn't have to think about which messenger you wanted to open to talk to your friends. You just opened messaging, chose your contact, and it gave you the option to use whatever IM client you wanted, be it gtalk, yahoo chat, facebok chat, or plain old SMS. Android and iPhone STILL require going to different apps to talk to your contacts depending on what service they are using. They are APP centric instead of people-centric.

WebOS had plenty of problems. It's apps were slow, and though they added the ability to run native apps, instead of web based apps - they always felt like second class citizens on their phones and tablet. Their version of webkit was aging and websites were getting broken and loading slowly.

WebOS was brilliant. It deserved polish and a chance to be a competitor that drove others to innovate. Dammit it deserved better than this.

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.... Like meamo/meego

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No. Meego/Maemo was nowhere near WebOS.

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