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Microsoft From Bloomberg: "Microsoft, the world's largest software company, provides intelligence agencies with information about bugs in its popular software before it publicly releases a fix, according to two people familiar with the process. That information can be used to protect government computers and to access the computers of terrorists or military foes." The lid has officially been blown off.
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RE[8]: Great Firewall of China
by acobar on Mon 17th Jun 2013 17:39 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Great Firewall of China"
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Buwahahahaha! Riiiiiiiiiiiight, the GFW is purely a defensive measure... I'm sure it has nothing to do with China being one of the most censorship-happy regimes in the industrialized world ... but I never actually claimed that domestic censorship was the only reason for the GFC - just the primary reason.

Again, more of your assumptions, over which we can not be sure about. Perhaps you have some form of insider information. As I said, mine are suppositions about pattern behavior of paranoid states.

Too bad I'm not actually an American, genius. I was waiting for someone to make that lazy assumption

You again jumping on assumptions. I never said you had American citizenship, only that you where "following lessons" from "American books" for whatever reason. This is a big difference, but as I said, you like to put your thoughts on others minds.

Right, that must be why your counter-"arguments" have consisted of nothing more than dodging, backpedaling, and willful ignorance.

Not at all, you asked me to back my argument that USA and China elites are alike on the way they treat their citizens, granted, USA may not be as bad, but both are not examples of respect to privacy, liberty and human rights, as I have illustrated by history facts on USA case.

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