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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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RE: Going to put this here
by malxau on Wed 19th Jun 2013 23:56 UTC in reply to "Going to put this here"
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It is a shit choice Thom. There was the chance the remove retail outlets out of the equation from what was (at the end of the day) software distribution.

The way I read the announcement was:
* Disc-based games will be available under the same terms as the 360
* An online store will also exist, and those games will be under fundamentally different terms to disc-based games

This means the customer gets to decide which business model to go with. The only open question is whether the online store will offer the same discounts that Steam does, essentially to compensate for having zero resale value or lending capability. If is does, the market can decide which distribution model is better. If it doesn't, then yes, we're stuck with an antiquated software distribution model.

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RE[2]: Going to put this here
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 20th Jun 2013 04:32 in reply to "RE: Going to put this here"
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This means the customer gets to decide which business model to go with.

Until, for whatever reason (either their own interest of power over their customers, incentive from Microsoft, whatever...), they start publishing more and more games as digital downloads only. Or, patch this DRM "feature" back in slowly, bit after bit, and hope their customers don't notice that by the time the next system has been released it has Xbox One's original "features"--which have been there, quietly put back in, all along.

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