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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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RE[2]: Hahahahahahaha
by silviucc on Thu 20th Jun 2013 08:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Hahahahahahaha"
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You are one of those people that believe that taking out the retailers means automatically that game publishers will sell the games for smaller prices.

I do not share your p.o.v. Their (MSs) move to digital only was not going to kill the big retailers. They already had backstage deals with MS. Why do you think they had that "special" thing where people could trade in their used games at "select" places? They would have killed smaller shops that did not have the pull to be one of those "select" places that allowed game trading to happen.

I agree that prices are some times kept artificially up because of the retailers, Blizzard is one very good example of that but I do not believe that taking them out would instantly mean lower prices for gaming. it would only mean that publishers have more power than before.

I'm also hesitant to call this a victory. Yes, for now it is. Consumers got to keep the rights that they already had. A very good thing but as we saw "terms and conditions are subject to change." No one would stop MS from doing a dick move some years down the line once people are hooked on and have invested money into the thing.

Remember how Sony decided it was not ok any more to run Linux on their PS3s? Yeah, just like that. You buy something like this if you trust the company. Both Sony and MS are on the list of evil bastards but oh look, shiny game. Me wants it! Buy, buy, buy!

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