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Games "Microsoft has sensationally abandoned its controversial plans to restrict the sharing of XBox One games, and has also removed daily online authentication requirements for its forthcoming console", reports The Guardian. They had no choice. Still a good move.
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Some thoughts on this.
by TM99 on Fri 21st Jun 2013 05:42 UTC
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When I read this, I come to several conclusions.

One is that this is not a real mea culpa. Sure, after a one-time set up of the system, I no longer need to access the internet to play my disc based games.

Except...what if the Xbox One servers are taken offline at the end of the console's life? How do I set up the system so I can play One games when the 9th generation consoles are released? I can still play the original Xbox game discs for as long as they and my console last. No middle man through the internet is ever needed.

Microsoft says you can share the discs. Except....what if the publishers decide otherwise? I may still be required to use a Steam-like model of authentication and serial verification for titles from EA, etc. In fact, publishers really really want to go to this model.

So yeah, disc based games are under the same terms as 360 ones....for now. But, they make a point of saying: "We believe in the benefits of a connected, digital future."

So the creation of the new online store will also exist, and we will certainly soon discover that those games may have different requirements and necessities.

Then there is the issue of the Kinect. To play devils-advocate to the devils-advocates, not mentioning it may be the first doorway in to the future of always online necessity. If you get a Kinect, and the Kinect requires online connectivity for almost all games, disc-based or purchased via the online store, then in essence you are still back to an always online connection being necessary for using the damned Xbox One.

Microsoft NEVER changes. This is not a marketing ploy. This is a psychological one. They are going to the boil the frogs more slowly. They turned up the heat a little too fast and saw that the little froggies tried to jump out of the pot. This way, they will climb in willingly because of some cool titles. Then a firmware update comes along in a few years. Then the publishers switch to downloadable games only. Then the Kinect requires always online connectivity.

I don't trust this mea culpa because I know Microsoft from various perspectives. I have been an adult as long as they have been a company. I know what to expect from them, and they never disappoint me in their under-handed business practices from monopoly abuse to FUD campaigns to shadow lawsuits through some smaller company to now this.

I won't be getting a One. I love my original Xbox and I enjoy the 360. It will be years until I see how this all plays out before I would even consider getting a One.

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