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Windows Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 preview for download, but they region-locked it to 13 specific languages, and Dutch is not one of them. So, even though my Surface RT has been completely and utterly English from the day I bought it, I can't install Windows 8.1 and tell you something about it. Those of you who can download it, why don't you tell us what it's like - or you can head to The Verge who got early access. In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little annoyed that we're arbitrarily being left out once again.
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RE[7]: Start Button Useless??
by TemporalBeing on Thu 27th Jun 2013 17:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Start Button Useless??"
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"Why, therefore, have most chosen not to go full screen, by complaining at Microsoft & not buying their new system? I suppose very few people must fully understand the options.

Well since you asked. Most nerds see the start menu as a heirarchical list of applications just like it was in 1995. They are unable to accept that for quite some time now this is not the primary function nor the most efficient way to use the menu.

The "Start Menu" on Windows, may be. But KDE, GNOME, Mac, etc all have equivalents that do very well and in many cases are much better than what Microsoft has ever provided with Windows.

Ask yourself, are you the guy that still uses "run" under Windows 7/8 rather than just type the command in and press enter?

Run is accessible with Win+R, and doing the same in the Vista/7/8 start-menu often leads to unpredictable results. So yes, I find the "run" command to be a better feature.

Do you launch Explorer and then use the search box?

No. I always disable the File Indexing on drives in Windows for performance reasons. I might use the search (F3) to find documents; or I might use grep (or GrepWin) in targeted searches (e.g. on specific locations). Windows Search has always been poor.

Do you waste hours of your life "optimising" the start menu heirarchy so you can find your applications "faster"?

No. I simply right click on the Start Menu and select "Sort by name". Everything is then where I expect it and quickly findable. Vista/7/8 make me take more steps than what Win95/98/Me/2k did; XP is half-way in between.

Do you open Control Panel and browse to an applet?

Control Panel since Vista is a horrid disaster. I always revert to the "Classic Control Panel" where I can actually find stuff. But it all depends, I might right-click on the "Computer" and select "Manage" depending on what I want to do - or on "Network" and select "Properties". Alas, they've made even though harder to get to with Vista/7/8 - you can re-add them to the desktop though.

Do you (and I feel dirty just saying this) still use folders to sort and find office documents rather than metadata and search?

Windows MetaData Search Sucks, and the File Indexing is a performance inhibitor. Yes, I allow KDE4 to do Meta Data searches.

However, most of the time I can still more quickly find what I am looking for by using a folder heirachy that categorizes them properly (and to my thinking) than I can with meta-data searches.

In either case, you have to way a long time for Windows to do something as it takes a long time just to load Windows Explorer to see drives and folders and such, or to get the search done. So there is zero savings either way.

Do you, perhaps, see no reason why metadata is better and more flexible than folders? (hint, folders only let data be in one place!)

Obviously you haven't heard of NTFS Junctions, where you mount folders and drives into numerous places on an NTFS file system. (Hint: Microsoft uses it in all those SXS folders since Vista.) Yes, NTFS does actually support true Hard Links and Software Link (Symlinks) too; it's just that no many know about it and you have to know the tools (e.g mklink as MS doesn't provide something graphical to do it).

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you're in the minority, and should be using a Start replacement. Everyone else understands.

I deliver systems to people that typically know how to do only basic functions of computers and don't want to know more. So when I delivered a Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition to them, I had to put Classic Shell on so they had the Start Menu just like they were use to with Windows 7 (as WS2012 is more akin to Win8). They don't want to (nor should they need to) relearn the stuff - they just want to use the software we provide to do their job with as few hassles as possible. They're smart guys, but they're not computer people by any stretch.

So get over it. Win8 interface sucks. People don't like it and don't like the new Start Screen. It's not a matter of technical prowess. Only the Microsoft Fanboys tend to like it, and if you are one then you really need to go get a vaccine - the world has moved on, and Microsoft is being left behind.

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