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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "BlackBerry offered few signs of a long-promised turnaround on Friday, with an unexpected quarterly operating loss, a dearth of details on sales of its make-or-break new line of devices and no return to profit expected in the current quarter. BlackBerry shares tumbled about 28 percent in both U.S. and Toronto trading." 'Unexpected'? Really?
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They did not build trust on the platform by not open sourcing QNX for the PC. So why should someone buy their product? Ask the BB users if they know what QNX is.

Yeah, because open sourcing really proved successful for Openmoko, Nokia (et al) who supported MeeGo (and not to mention all the other MeeGo variants that preceded it), HP with Open webOS, nor that Linux powered tablet that was released about a month before the original iPad.

Yet the one open source platform that has succeeded (Android) is the least open of all the Linux mobile OSs to date.

That should be evidence enough that 99.99% of consumers couldn't give a rats arse if the source is open or closed. Heck, even I don't care and I'm a Linux developer (the need for a stable and reliable handset outweighs my desire to tinker with my phones internals)

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