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Google "In June of 2013, I made an interesting discovery about the Android phone (a Motorola Droid X2) which I was using at the time: it was silently sending a considerable amount of sensitive information to Motorola, and to compound the problem, a great deal of it was over an unencrypted HTTP channel."
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Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 11:29 UTC
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OEM which is notoriously bad at software makes elementary software engineering and security mistakes. News at 11.

Seriously, we've all known for a while that OEM software chops is a steaming pile of crap. This is just one example. Another is Samsung's unbelievable copy and paste bug in TouchWiz.

I don't think its an overt move by Motorola to capture personal data for nefarious purposes, but it does show how dangerous letting just any vendor go crazy in an OS is.

Google's strategy is to allow many chefs to cook Android up any way they'd like -- the problem is that those same chefs can often poison the batter.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by moondevil on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 15:43 in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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One of the reasons is the amount of outsourcing you have in such products.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Tue 2nd Jul 2013 17:39 in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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But I don't think those are even mistakes. It works as poorly as intended. Blur was a terrible idea.

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