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Mozilla & Gecko clones Over the weekend, the crew at Tom's Hardware was busy testing the recently-released Firefox 22 using the usual bevy of benchmarks. This roundup included Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, and Opera 12, along with the new Chromium-based build of Opera Next (alos known as Opera 15).
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by Dryhte on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 12:14 UTC
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I'm a loyal Firefox user, but the latest couple of versions have broken my use of Citrix/Xen (.ica files are downloaded in stead of executed, and repeated re-installs of different versions of the citrix clients haven't done anything to change this).

Since reinstalling citrix doesn't help, and since IE10 has no trouble executing the .ica files and starting the actual citrix connections, I can't help but feel that Firefox broke something along the way, giving me no option but to use IE10 for those jobs which require citrix connections.

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RE: Firefox
by FreeGamer on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 12:17 in reply to "Firefox"
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Edit > Preferences > Applications

Have you tried setting it there?

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RE: Firefox
by vip2 on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 18:05 in reply to "Firefox"
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Hello there, I'm a long time lurker first time poster...

Citrix Client Plug-in Issues - Been there, fixed that.

All you have to do is copy the "\Mozilla Firefox\Plugins" folder to the "\Mozilla Firefox\Browser" folder. So you will end up with a Mozilla Firefox\Browser\Plugins folder.

Then about:plugins in the location bar should show Citrix ICA Client plugin again.

They moved the location of the Plugins folder without telling everybody.

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RE[2]: Firefox
by Dryhte on Thu 4th Jul 2013 08:03 in reply to "RE: Firefox"
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