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Mozilla & Gecko clones Over the weekend, the crew at Tom's Hardware was busy testing the recently-released Firefox 22 using the usual bevy of benchmarks. This roundup included Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, and Opera 12, along with the new Chromium-based build of Opera Next (alos known as Opera 15).
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I am running a 8 CPU Xeon box at work with 16GB of ram, which has uptimes of weeks. Nothing is wrong, Firefox just shits itself.

I work with 5 other developers and we all experience the same behaviour. Chrome doesn't display the same behaviour.

Also this excuse of "your profile is corrupted" you know I don't care it is corrupted or how it happened. No other software on my system does this, except for Firefox, the devs need to find out why it happens and fix it.

People keep up making excuses for why Firefox does weird things instead of getting this stuff fixed.

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No problems like you describe here. You are either using a bad plugin, or your profile is f┬Ęcked up.

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Well, I guess my profile and all of my coworkers' profiles are fucked up. I'd like to know how to unfuck it ... Or something like that, because if it works for you, there couldn't possibly be any problem with Firefox ...

Firefox is still locking up in the newest release and I don't believe they can do a lot in this regard without making the application run in multiple threads. Cooperative multitasking will always be problematic ...

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Maybe I missed something (and please forgive me if I did) but you're running nightly, it's unstable and you... complain?

I'm running FF on a large number of machines ranging from Nexus 7 up to a heavily loaded dual Xeon workstation and I can't say that I share your experience.
Though, all the machines are running Fedora Linux (minus the Nexus 7) w/ the nVidia binary driver.

- Gilboa

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I'm running a quad core i5 with 8GB here and I'm not having any serious issues with either browser under Windows 7. Though, both are prone to slowdowns with a bunch of tabs open, and occasionally Firefox does lock up on me, but usually only if my computer is already doing something crazy and other apps lock up too. I'm on the release channel for both browsers, so perhaps your issues may be related to being on the dev or beta channel?

On GNU/Linux (Crunchbang to be specific) Firefox (Iceweasel) is rock solid and fast, though I'm on version 20.0. Chromium is fast and stable too, but I'm having plugin issues with it so I'm sticking with Iceweasel for now.

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developers - you are probably using Firebug. That thing kills Firefox dead. The built in tools aren't good enough just yet to replace Firebug (they are getting closer though), but the way Firebug just kills Firefox, I've not been installing it anymore. It gets worse with each release. Firefox is much livelier without it.

I'd actually suggest Tom's should rerun all the FireFox benchmarks with Firebug installed, if anyone cared.

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To be fair, I've found that Firebug generally doesn't cause problems unless it happens to be active in the given tab you're on (or you're switching between such tabs).

That said, I'm with you. I only use it on a development profile now, since with --no-remote I can run two Firefoxes easily enough anyway.

I really hope that Firebug devs can finally move it to JSD2 and such more quickly, because it's clearly in dire need of some update love.

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