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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "HTC has just announced its unaudited results for the second quarter 2013, and they're not pretty. Despite launching a much-lauded flagship smartphone, the HTC One, the company made just NT$1.25 billion (roughly $41 million) after tax from NT$70.7 billion ($2.35 billion) revenue. In the same quarter last year, the company took in revenue of NT$91.04 billion ($3 billion) and made NT$7.40 billion ($246 million) profit." Make the best Android phone - and perhaps, the best phone period - and still not be out of hot water. And people still claim the smartphone market is not a one-to-one replica of the desktop market. Anywho, another victim of iceberg Apple and hurricane Samsung.
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They are also to blame
by moondevil on Fri 5th Jul 2013 17:32 UTC
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The HTC One X is just the last victim of failed promised to update.

First HTC promises updates, then six months later it says that due to technical issues it is not possible to do so. This already happend at least three times since the HTC Desire days.

Then they removed the SD card support.

For some people, this just puts them away as potencial customers, although many don't care about it.

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RE: They are also to blame
by tylerdurden on Fri 5th Jul 2013 18:28 in reply to "They are also to blame"
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Well, there is also that HTC could only put out so many crappy products before their brand became terminally tarnished. At least in our household, we have had 2 HTC devices both of which ended up sucking balls.

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RE[2]: They are also to blame
by Kochise on Fri 5th Jul 2013 20:50 in reply to "RE: They are also to blame"
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At least you can provides them with a second life and put them elsewhere than your pocket.

I knew that vibrating phones already had a special usage for women, never expected HTC would be so... manly.


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RE[2]: They are also to blame
by Laurence on Mon 8th Jul 2013 11:13 in reply to "RE: They are also to blame"
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Honestly, I think HTC are putting out the nicest handsets of all the Android manufacturers. Samsung devices feel cheaper (I really don't like the lighter, plastic feel of the S3 - though I will concede I've not held the S4) and TouchWiz just annoys me immensely.

I still have a year left on my contract, but I'm aching to buy the latest HTC since the announcement that it'll run stock Android (and I'm sure cyanogenmod will follow shortly off the back of that)

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