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Opera Software Opera 15, the brand new version of Opera based on Chromium and Blink, has been released today. I'm still missing a bookmarks bar and a bookmark import feature. Other than that, I'm really liking Opera 15. I hope they bring those two features back soon, because I cannot use a browser without them.
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RE[2]: Missing features
by PresentIt on Fri 5th Jul 2013 18:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Missing features"
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Kind of like how games publishers make their game sequels more like Call of Duty to get more of that market and instead lose the people that liked the original game.

If CoD sells like crazy while other games don't sell at all, can you blame them?

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RE[3]: Missing features
by Chrispynutt on Sat 6th Jul 2013 19:58 in reply to "RE[2]: Missing features"
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The point is they did sell, just not COD numbers.

Publishers get greedy and actually lose customers. Because people who want COD can buy COD.

Likewise if people want Chrome, they will get, dun dun dah, Chrome.

I am fed up of software I like being stripped of everything that made it interesting and useful just so the publisher can go after a market that is already amply catered to.

Let me get this clear, I am happy with COD existing, I am happy with Chrome existing. Me toos not so much.

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RE[4]: Missing features
by PresentIt on Sun 7th Jul 2013 20:02 in reply to "RE[3]: Missing features"
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"Stripped browser" is not automatically == Chrome.

What's the point in making a browser (or game) hardly anyone wants to use?

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