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Windows "Windows 8.1 RTM will be available for OEM partners in late August. This means OEMs will be able to get the RTM bits and begin preparing devices with Windows 8.1 just in time for the holidays! We’ll have more details to share in the coming months for consumers and other customers on how to get Windows 8.1." So far, Windows 8.1 has been a massive improvement over Windows 8 on my Surface RT - except for the total system crashes (including shrieking sounds) Skype causes a few times per week.
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by acobar on Mon 8th Jul 2013 17:45 UTC
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I still can not get the reason to push so hard for the new metro interface on all platforms. Sure, it may make sense on small tablets and phones but, frankly it is lacking for desktop users. Most computers I support have now screens that are at least 20" and their users like to keep 2 to 3 programs partially visible at same time. Skype on them are just such a wast of space, they all just want a small contact list and be done with it, some don't even want images!

At least they are not asking to downgrade to Windows 7, well, actually they do but I install "Classic Shell" and they get by with it (funny thing is that for a small group "UBitMenu" is also needed 6 years after the "revolutionary not" ribbon interface).

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RE: Interface
by emarkp on Mon 8th Jul 2013 19:02 in reply to "Interface"
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The reason to force Metro on desktop users is quite clear: to force us to get used to it so we're more likely to use Windows Phone. End of story.

MS knows if they do not capture significant mobile space, they'll atrophy as desktops become a smaller part of the total market.

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RE[2]: Interface
by moondevil on Mon 8th Jul 2013 19:26 in reply to "RE: Interface"
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If you watch the recordings from BUILD 2013, the subliminal message for getting developers into the new platform was being repeated everywhere.

All the new tooling across languages and frameworks is mostly focused on the Metro interface.

As if the desktop environment would fulfil a similar role as Classical in Mac OS X.

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RE[2]: Interface
by Nelson on Mon 8th Jul 2013 19:42 in reply to "RE: Interface"
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It is to push the Metro environment. They're using their Desktop dominance to bootstrap their new ecosystem.

The halo effect for WP is secondary to that.

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RE[2]: Interface
by acobar on Mon 8th Jul 2013 19:47 in reply to "RE: Interface"
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It is a risk path. Windows 7 interface is one of the best on DEs I have ever used. In my humble opinion had they spent their energy on a better and improved integration of web services for phones, their desktop and their server OS offerings they would be collecting the rewards already. Instead they are again just shifting and lifting the decoration.

On an environment as competitive and with such degree of commoditization we are experiencing right now you better have a differentiator that is not just face-lift. Apple knew it and MS should do.

PS.: Well look likes they are actually working hard. Se the bellow link.

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RE: Interface
by bassbeast on Sat 13th Jul 2013 09:53 in reply to "Interface"
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I have a question since it sounds like you are a fellow PC shop guy....have you been doing any "refresh my PC" jobs on win 8? a little or a lot?

Because I am now convinced that win 8 has some sort of corruption bug and refresh my PC was jammed in there at the last minute because they couldn't get rid of the problem. i have a ton of Win 7 systems out in the wild and honestly other than hardware upgrades or replacement? They don't need me, it just keeps right on ticking. Compare this to those that didn't listen to me and bought win 8 systems anyway, I've had to do at least once and in many cases multiple "refreshes" because Win 8 ends up crapping all over itself, and these systems aren't even a year old.

So I'm curious to see if you have seen something similar. I find it kinda sad that I have plenty of seriously old systems, we are talking late model P4s and Pentium Ds and they are all solid as a rock under Win 7 (the most i had to do was slap in a few HD2400XT cards for those whose old IGP didn't have Win 7 drivers) while my customers that went and bought new laptops with Win 8 despite my warning end up bringing the systems in for refresh.

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