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Mozilla & Gecko clones Robert Nyman, a Mozilla technical evangelist and editor of the Mozilla Hacks website, provides a perspective on the history and evolution of Firefox OS in this LinuxGizmos guest column. Nyman writes on the occasion of the first Firefox OS smartphone, the $90 ZTE Open, becoming available for sale in Madrid, Spain.
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Why do you think Android is completely dominating emergent markets?

Wait a minute... Is this a trick question? The answer is because Android is the only option. It's free (price) and open.

Mobile operating systems that will be competing directly with Android in emergent markets are Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, and Sailfish OS.

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Symbian was also big in emerging markets, and Bada had some success before Samsung stopped releasing new Wave series phones.

Bada phones were mostly selling on price. I imagine the same will happen for FirefoxOS. When mindshare and ecosystem for HTML5 apps become large enough, FirefoxOS (and Tizen) may even command prices similar to low-end Android phones.

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It's really not going to work, people is not as stupid as you think. There are other alternatives already in emergent countries such as blackberries and Windows Phone (lumia 620), yet they are doing abysmally bad.

The reason is simple, you can still get the high end phones in emergent countries. People knows the Galaxy S line, or the expensive Xperia models.
They are more expensive than in the states or europe but, even if only few can afford them, most people still know them and want them.

Yet, they settle with the "cheap" versions of those phones, like the Xperia S, the S3 Mini, which are similar but offer less performance, resolution, etc.

This is why Samsung and Android also dominate even in the emergent countries, and why Ubuntu or Firefox OS have no chance.

People will always prefer the cheap versions of the expensive phones, not just cheap phones.

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Fully agree, based on my telecommunications background.

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It's really not going to work, people is not as stupid as you think.

What? What's not going to work? I didn't say anything about any mobile operating system having success or failing. I just wanted you to clarify your statement. Thank you for doing so.

Did you want to hear my opinion? My opinion is that none of the three new operating systems that I mentioned will gain much market share because they don't offer something special that the average phone user wants.

But I don't care, as long as I can buy a Jolla phone. ;)

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people is not as stupid as you think.

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