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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "A war between two of the major conglomerates will always have casualties, and unfortunately for us, this time we are the casualties. We aren't yet at a state where it is impossible to use Google services on Microsoft platforms, but we are moving towards a stricter ecosystem world where we might see Googlers/Gmail users on one side and Bingers/Outlook users on the other. We can only hope for the sake of technologies future and for the sake of innovation that the two companies can learn to work together in an ever expanding world of data." We can hope so, but we're talking large companies, and large companies do not care about users. Never have, never will.
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RE: re: never have never will
by kragil on Wed 10th Jul 2013 06:58 UTC in reply to "re: never have never will"
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"Never" and "always" are nearly always wrong and probably never right in this context. There is always one example to the contrary.

BUT extremely large publically traded companies where the founders don't have a lot of influence anymore are more prone to have the behavior Thom is complaining about. They nearly always only care for shareholder value and not the customers/users.

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I reckon you are right... I just feel odd about sweeping statements and what I have found is that while they (large corporations whose boards drive everything, and the boards are concerned about their stock) do make questionable decisions (in light of the customer) from time to time, in their own favor, MOST of the time it is all about the individual workers who work hard to do what is right for the customer.

So... yeah, sometimes bad decisions or policies are implemented by the flag officers, but the line officers still strive to "do what is right."

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