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Windows I have a Surface RT tablet. I bought it because I'm a Windows Phone user, and despite its major flaws, I still hate WP much less than I hate its competitors. As such, it made sense to me that I would like the Surface RT as well - I mean, my favourite UI on a tablet? Count me in! It should come as no surprise by now that Windows RT was a major disappointment, so now that the Windows 8.1 preview is here, did Microsoft address any of the major problems?
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RE[2]: Spot on
by wocowboy on Thu 11th Jul 2013 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Spot on"
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That's just it. The UI/OS don't do anything neat or cool to show off. Flat solid colors, squares, any $10 graphics card will suffice to render everything the Metro UI does, since there are no drop-shadows, animations, superimpositions, layering of windows, click-to-focus, anything that previous versions of Windows did that caused users to go "Oooooh" the first time they used it. Forcing this UI on desktop PC users in an effort to get them to "unify" their world with Windows Phone/XBox/Windows 8 just isn't working. I am someone who always has 7-8 windows of 5-6 applications open all the time, arranged both side-by-side and in layers where all it takes is a click to get the one I want on top at the right size I want it. The limited ability to do that on Windows 8 is a complete deal-killer for me. I went back to Windows 7 and will wait a while or maybe never install anything else. If Windows permanently loses the ability to use one's desktop like this, I will have to look at the Mac for my needs. It seems lots of other folks are already doing this.

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RE[3]: Spot on
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 11th Jul 2013 10:22 in reply to "RE[2]: Spot on"
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since there are no drop-shadows, animations, superimpositions, layering of windows, click-to-focus,

You really have no clue about Metro. Metro is far more '3D' than previous versions of Windows, and it's got about a million more animations than other systems too.

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RE[4]: Spot on
by Nelson on Thu 11th Jul 2013 11:23 in reply to "RE[3]: Spot on"
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A trend I see in most comments on this story. Perception is a funny thing.

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RE[4]: Spot on
by Yagami on Sat 13th Jul 2013 06:45 in reply to "RE[3]: Spot on"
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really ... its a square with one color and in 2D.

just because you click on it and it "animates" doesnt make it "far more 3d than everything else".

afterstep in the 90's already swirled and animated the windows on maximize and minimize more than metro.

the 3d is on your mind ... on code probably is a <table> with blue background color <td>'s and some jquery animation on click ( i am improvising )

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