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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In its struggle to find willing customers, Nokia just announced yet another flagship phone - the Nokia Lumia 1020. It's essentially a Lumia 920/925, but with the Nokia 808's PureView camera bolted on. Also, it's exclusive to AT&T in the US, for $299 with a two year contract, which is a steep price. So, who gets the honour to be the first to claim that this, yes this Lumia will turn Nokia around?
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RE: PureView 808 augmented ?
by Deviate_X on Thu 11th Jul 2013 17:59 UTC in reply to "PureView 808 augmented ?"
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Several reviews noted that, while the 808 was one kind of a famous and impressive piece of a device, the phone was, well, a phone, to begin with. The point of having such a 41M CCD was more of a technological breakthrough than really a useful device. Especially considering the ridiculous screen resolution (640*360) and the aging Symbian OS served with a mono core 1 GHz CPU staged with 512 MB of RAM.

Would the Lumia 10000020000 address these issues there might be some interest into the product that would become more mainstream than an already EOL product such like the 808.

Backed with a FullHD screen and a nicely crafted Android 4.3 OS, that would put it.

What ? What's wrong ? Oh, sorry, they are pushing their EOL Windows Phone again. Not for me then...


I suspect the Lumia 1020 is a devcice intended for people who would rank the break-through camera tech highly, ... above being thin, or ultra light. Its a 41 megapixel camera! This is not trivial tech! its not for mobile-os fanbois

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RE[2]: PureView 808 augmented ?
by Nelson on Thu 11th Jul 2013 18:38 in reply to "RE: PureView 808 augmented ?"
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I'm personally waiting for a variant which is thinner and lighter, but its true the 1020 is a niche device. The 41MP sensor may have draw and will make it easier to market in spec wars though, so who knows.

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RE[2]: PureView 808 augmented ?
by cdude on Thu 11th Jul 2013 19:09 in reply to "RE: PureView 808 augmented ?"
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its not for mobile-os fanbois

But is it wise to focus[1], at times where Nokia needs volume most[2], on a small potential target group[3] and ignore mobile[4]-fanbois? Skeptical at best[5].

[1] + AT&T Lumia flagship.
[3] photo camera market grow is near flat recent years + lesser/cheaper/smaller MP-phones that 'are enough for most users' are available since a long time + compare with 808 sales-volume where 808 had the early and last advantages.
[4] Mobile first
[5] From [1]: "Analysts, however, are skeptical that a new camera for the flagship Lumia smartphone will be enough for the Finnish company to regain market share"

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I'm curious, wise cdude, how will Nokia's Q2 look?

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