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Windows The general gist? A minor update somewhere this year, but the real update won't come until 2014. In the meantime, we'll have to... "Resuming..." ...settle for CardDAV/CalDAV support, some additional HTML5 support, and fixes for Xbox Music metadata. We were promised regular updates and an early access program for enthusiasts - but Microsoft failed to deliver, once more. For all intents and purposes, thanks... "Resuming..." the switch to the Windows NT kernel, the Windows Phone we're using today has very little additional functionality to offer over what we were using on WP7 release day. I've been a Windows Phone user since WP7 release day, but Microsoft has lost me.
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RE[3]: Don't forget
by bassbeast on Sat 13th Jul 2013 09:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Don't forget"
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Then he should be fired RIGHT NOW, as you'd have had a better ROI by hiring a monkey to throw poo at a stock page and buying what had the largest chunks stuck to it.

But don't give me that "mission of the CEO" bull because that is what it is, after all if that was ALL his job was he could just burn the company, sell off the assets, and give the shareholders the money.

No what we are seeing here is a CEO that lives in a bubble and refuses to even look at the data coming in, there is NOT ONE positive metric with metro, not a single positive metric with winPhone, if you look at the money he has blown trying to be Apple they have thrown a good 30 billion plus in the fire the past half a decade with ZERO ROI.

Zune,killing the very profitable playsforsure program (Frankly the ONLY real chance they had at taking on Apple in content and which used MSFT's strengths by having everything from that $20 MP3 player at the checkout to a $300 PMP all able to run PFS), Sidekick, Kin, Zune market, shoving the X360 out with a 3 billion dollar hardware flaw, killing the forwards momentum they had with win 7 by pushing a cellphone OS onto the desktop, the insane amounts he paid for Yahoo Search, its been nothing but waste under Ballmer so by your own criteria he should be fired.

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RE[4]: Don't forget
by tylerdurden on Sat 13th Jul 2013 16:01 in reply to "RE[3]: Don't forget"
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All those paragraphs and you still managed to not answer a simple question directly. So I'll assume that your answer is NO.

Furthermore, given the melodramatics of your argument, I'll also assume you are not acquainted with Microsoft's financial performance in the past decade or so.

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RE[5]: Don't forget
by Nelson on Sat 13th Jul 2013 17:48 in reply to "RE[4]: Don't forget"
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I notice this trend a lot, there's so much armchair CEOing going on, but no one quite willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Nokia haters and doubters don't short Nokia and people who claim Ballmer is a disaster (apparently oblivious to financial reporting) similarly do such pontificating without assuming any risk to validate their claims.

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RE[5]: Don't forget
by ze_jerkface on Sun 14th Jul 2013 01:22 in reply to "RE[4]: Don't forget"
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Furthermore, given the melodramatics of your argument, I'll also assume you are not acquainted with Microsoft's financial performance in the past decade or so.

I am acquainted but that is unneeded when judging Ballmer.

Ballmer gets the final say and everything they have released in the last 3 years spells incompetence.

The stock is only up recently because an activist shareholder took an interest. That basically means a shark is swimming around the boat and Wall St. is hoping for blood.

But I can talk all day on Microsoft's financials if you'd like. I can also talk about why I think Ballmer is the worst CEO in America. I'm also a Microsoft Partner and I can prove that if anyone would like.

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