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Windows The general gist? A minor update somewhere this year, but the real update won't come until 2014. In the meantime, we'll have to... "Resuming..." ...settle for CardDAV/CalDAV support, some additional HTML5 support, and fixes for Xbox Music metadata. We were promised regular updates and an early access program for enthusiasts - but Microsoft failed to deliver, once more. For all intents and purposes, thanks... "Resuming..." the switch to the Windows NT kernel, the Windows Phone we're using today has very little additional functionality to offer over what we were using on WP7 release day. I've been a Windows Phone user since WP7 release day, but Microsoft has lost me.
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by grat on Sat 13th Jul 2013 22:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: thom...."
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If you're suggesting Linux for pleasant and pro (like video driver crashes don't wipe out your document in word processors, starting copying file, hibernating, then waking up the PC and resuming copying file, etc.........) desktop experience, then you are the one who should be checked, seriously.

I don't know what spectacularly crappy computer / OS combination you've been using to base your Linux experience on, but I've been using Linux as my primary Desktop OS at work and home for more than 8 years now, and haven't encountered any of the issues you describe.

Of course, I don't grab a 10 year old computer and try to make Linux work like a brand new Windows computer, and I make sure all the hardware in my machine is well supported (typically NVidia with binary driver, because I don't really care about the difference between BSD and GPL licensing).

At work, the two applications I absolutely have to use Windows for (seriously VMWare? STILL no linux console?!?), I run within a VirtualBox VM.

There are things I don't like (Akonadi, Gnome 3), but all in all, it's a solid, reliable desktop.

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