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Windows I have a Surface RT tablet. I bought it because I'm a Windows Phone user, and despite its major flaws, I still hate WP much less than I hate its competitors. As such, it made sense to me that I would like the Surface RT as well - I mean, my favourite UI on a tablet? Count me in! It should come as no surprise by now that Windows RT was a major disappointment, so now that the Windows 8.1 preview is here, did Microsoft address any of the major problems?
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It needs applications. And that's still where they are failing, and failing badly, and smaller tiles and a new split view do little to address this core problem.

The irony of this is that Microsoft has always placed a huge emphasis on the developer community.

Yet today, if you look at what developers at start-up's are using, it's almost exclusively Mac on the desktop and Linux on the server, and their all targeting iOS or Android on mobile.

I personally worked on Windows platforms for 15 years of my career but I cringe now at the idea of having to go back to implement Windows software. I mean, even the command line is awkward and I need to install Gow, MinGW or Cygwin to get a decent shell and toolset.

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