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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A perennial question that revolves around Nokia is: why didn't it choose to go with Android to replace Symbian when it decided to kill that as its smartphone operating system in late 2010?
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It was as clear then as it is now: Elop was an MS plant who was placed there for the sole purpose of ensuring that Nokia chose Windows Phone.

In your imaginary world of how corporations work, the CEO of Nokia apparently had unilateral control over such a decision.

In reality, this is not true. The entire deal was approved by the board after considering other alternatives (yes, even Android)

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The Nokia board did not really exert control over what Elop did. And no, they did not consider Android, because they feared that Nokia would lose control over its destiny.

It can be read in a highly interesting interview with industry expert Jean-Louis Gassée from last year.

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The board of a company did not exert control over Elop did? Says who? You? Certainly not that article.

That article says nothing about the company's decision to go with Windows Phone. Only some theoretical and dubious Osborn effect.

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