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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A perennial question that revolves around Nokia is: why didn't it choose to go with Android to replace Symbian when it decided to kill that as its smartphone operating system in late 2010?
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Did they sell their HQ three quarters in a row? You're confusing me.
I can't tell if you are confused, but it wouldn't suprise me either.

Do you have proof to show that their HQ sale is the only reason they became profitable? I'm sure you do. I'd like to see it.

I did not say that the HQ sale is the only reason. I said it is a combination of the HQ sale and one time effects (including Vertu sale, selling patents to patent trolls etc.).

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Vertu netted them 56 million dollars. The HQ 79 million. Do you read their financial reports? This is tiring.

They still posted non-IFRS profits three quarters in a row. This is why I mentioned underlying profitability. We get rid of one time charges like this, positive and negative.

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