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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A perennial question that revolves around Nokia is: why didn't it choose to go with Android to replace Symbian when it decided to kill that as its smartphone operating system in late 2010?
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Samsung also made windows phones. They were in both markets.

Samsung is a massively diversified global behemoth. It is involved in dozens of industries from hotels to pharmaceuticals. It can afford to risk billions of dollars on a strategy.

Furthermore, Samsung also made symbian phones for a while. Nokia was able to compete decently with them then.

Symbian was outdated in 2007. It was totally obsolete by 2010.

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For what its worth, I wasn't suggesting that Nokia do both an Android and a Windows phone, but that regardless of the choice they would still face Samsung as a competitor ( whom they had previously faced during the height of symbian).

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