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Linux "Substantially improved support for the power management features of modern Radeon graphics cores is among the major new additions of the now available first release candidate of Linux 3.11. For this release, Linus Torvalds changed the code name from 'Unicycling Gorilla' to 'Linux for Workgroups' and modified the logo that some systems display when booting: it now depicts a Tux holding a flag with a symbol that is reminiscent of the logo of Windows for Workgroups 3.11, which was released in 1993." Just awesome. Nothing else.
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The 3rd version is when MS usually gets something right. Then they slowly start picking away at it, until at some point in the future, it sucks again.


VB 3 was awesome, vb 4 and 5 sucked, vb 6 was good
Windows 3.0 was when it started catching on, it was the first really useful Windows release.
Internet Explorer 3 was the first half decent version of IE, 4 was even better, 5 was ok, and well, we all know about 6

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Internet Explorer 3 was the first half decent version of IE, 4 was even better, 5 was ok, and well, we all know about 6

I have to disagree about IE 4. It was crash central on my machines, and not until 5 did it get stable again. I'm of two minds where IE 6 is concerned. It really didn't suck as far as web technologies, it was more advanced than anything else the market had at that time. It was only after 6 that Firefox started ramping up their game which, coupled with Microsoft's complacency, created browser competition again. Don't misunderstand me, I prefer the web not be effectively controlled by one entity, but that doesn't mean I'll revise history. IE6, when first released, was the most advanced web browser anyone had yet seen at that time. It was a security clusterfuck and a developer's worst nightmare, but you could make it do damn near anything you needed it to do if you worked and cussed at it long enough. The problem is, of course, that it was so nonstandard that we'll probably still be cussing at it twenty years from now because of in-house crap that was written for it and will never be updated.

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For DirectX only after version 5.

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