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Microsoft "Microsoft's Surface RT is getting price cuts across the world this week as the company looks to boost sales of its first ever tablet hardware." Great vote of confidence on a platform barely out the door.
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Or, in other words...
by phti on Tue 16th Jul 2013 21:25 UTC
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Nobody is buying them.
Like someone said here, "do we really need more microsoft in our lives?"
Microsoft is wrong on so many cultural, practical, functional and aesthetical points of view.
With the help of new computing devices and OSes we have now the chance to finally let it go with the past. Come on Microsoft, you can now safely shut down.

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RE: Or, in other words...
by TheIdiotThatIsMe on Wed 17th Jul 2013 04:26 in reply to "Or, in other words..."
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What you really mean, is we should just shut down all of Forbes' top 100 companies that doesn't tailor their products to a specific wants of a random internet user, right? I mean surely there's a reason why they're ONLY in the top 50 biggest publicly traded companies in the world after 30 years? And while we're at it, we should just shut down Intel, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, GE, Chase, and everyone else.

In all seriousness, in the last official reported quarter from Microsoft (Q3, 2013. I haven't seen info on anything newer that's official yet), the company earned a net profit of $6.06 Billion. IN THREE MONTHS. Let that sink in for a moment.

But surely, our armchair pundits on the internet know better than our companies. I mean, who wants to earn six billion dollars?

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RE[2]: Or, in other words...
by phti on Wed 17th Jul 2013 05:38 in reply to "RE: Or, in other words..."
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"in all seriousness" you shouldn't have answered to my post ;) mine was a useless rant of a useless internet user, more about culture than billions.

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