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Legal "A diverse coalition of 19 groups announced today a lawsuit against the United States government for 'an illegal and unconstitutional program of dragnet electronic surveillance', known as the Associational Tracking Program, which collects all telephone records handled by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in the US. The group, represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, aims to compel the government to inventory and disclose the records in its possession, to destroy them, and to immediately end the surveillance program."
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by windowshasyou on Tue 16th Jul 2013 23:34 UTC
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All I can say about this is AWESOME! I hope the EFF succeeds in it's fight against the NSA.

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by umccullough on Tue 16th Jul 2013 23:46 in reply to "n/t"
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I suspect it depends on your definition of "succeed" here.

I have a feeling that in the grand scheme of things, the EFF will not directly change anything through this lawsuit.

However, I'm certain that they will bring more information and awareness to the public - which is the only way we stand a chance. Hopefully if enough people get angry, our elected officials will realize they've done a major disservice to their constituents and begin fixing the problems they've caused.

As for the executive branch, I don't expect much from them except more lies and deception until Congress castrates these programs.

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by Alfman on Wed 17th Jul 2013 02:51 in reply to "RE: n/t"
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"I suspect it depends on your definition of 'succeed' here."

No kidding, to us success means having the government unconditionally put a halt to it's unethical practices and in the future conduct itself transparently in a public & democratic fashion.

For the government officials responsible, success means having their spying programs and preventing the public from ever finding out about them.

As in the Bradley Manning war crime leaks, the government's response shows more interest in prosecuting whisteblowers than in addressing the abusive government powers at the source of the controversy.

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by AndyB on Wed 17th Jul 2013 08:57 in reply to "n/t"
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And that's where the problems start, they have to get this through the courts, which will be no mean feat! How many groups do we know of in the past who have successfully won against a government?

Apart from anything else, they'll just set up another way of doing the same thing if they do lose, or worse still find another way regardless and then claim they have ceased the original plan, which will make the current case pointless!

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