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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The biggest mobile developer study in history with 6,000 respondents from 115 countries says that while iOS developers make an average of $5,200 per month in app revenue and Android developers pull in $4,700, more developers plan to start developing for Windows Phone than any other platform. [...] That's aided, of course, by the fact that 71 percent of mobile developers are already developing for Android, and 56 percent are already developing for iOS." I'm surprised there's so little difference between income for iOS and Android developers. Reading the web, it often seems as if all iOS developers are millionaires and Android developers are poor unwashed peasants. Reality is, clearly, different.
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... Jolla, Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Phone?

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They don't even chart, yet hilariously can do no wrong on this website.

You must forget this is OSnews. WP gets the coverage on here that it does because of the position of Windows, if that didn’t exist it would unlikely get much more attention than FirefoxOS.

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UbuntuEdge, ftw! :-)

Since none of these devices are yet shipping (I think?), it's a little premature to be expecting large investments in apps. That follows success, which means they will need a compelling reason for a shopper to buy them independent of the app catalogue.

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