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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The decline continues for Nokia. While Lumia sales volume increased by 32% to 7.2 million during Q2, this was well short of the 8.1 million analysts expected would be sold. Meanwhile, smartphone sales are down 10.2 million units from Q2 2012, based solely on the death of Symbian. Did Nokia jump from a burning platform to a sinking ship? Or will the next Windows Phone update finally bring feature parity with Symbian? Note from Thom: Loads of new models, yet still not the turning point we are promised every time Nokia releases quarterly figures. I'm sure the next quarter, with the next new flagship, will turn it all around.
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The poll in your wpcentral link from last year doesn't even contain Windows Phone 8 as an option. Thus the "hope" is really based on a minority of developers showing an interest in Windows 8 tablets.

Your newest link has this tidbit:
Even though Windows Phone has a significant amount of developer interest, the number is actually down from the previous quarter.

How again can you construe this as positive momentum? If anything your own links show that:

You're extremely deluded or paid.

You either don't read these articles or hope that we don't.

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And why isn't Phone7 able to be included? You're cherry picking ranges.

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