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Windows "Named General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2), the latest update enables Data Sense, a way to track how data is being used, alongside FM radio, and the ability to set other applications as the default camera. [...] GDR2 also includes support for Gmail's CalrdDAV and CalDAV implementation, allowing Windows Phone users to continue syncing calendar and contacts after Google announced its intention to pull its Exchange ActiveSync service earlier this year." There's something wrong with your operating system's update/improvement rate when such a minute, insignificant release is news.
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Instan..... what?!

Seriously, that application manages to raise my interest level all the way up to 0%.

Never understood what is it all about.

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I think it underscores a broader problem Windows Phone has, and that is connecting to niche apps which are the flavor of the month. These type of apps in general need to make their way to the platform faster.

Microsoft can do this by being more engaged with start ups by running accelerators, seeding funds, etc. Its a trickle down sort of thing imo.

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