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Microsoft The Verge, reporting that Microsoft lost almost a billion dollars with Surface RT, in this quarter alone. "At the end of the day, though, it looks like Microsoft just made too many Surface RT tablets - we heard late last year that Microsoft was building three to five million Surface RT tablets in the fourth quarter, and we also heard that Microsoft had only sold about one million of those tablets in March." That's catastrophically bad.
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You're wrong, and I'm sorry I'm not going to waste time holding your hand and walking you through why. Windows RT and Windows 8 run the same exact Metro applications.

There are more Metro applications than there are tablet applications for Android, unless something dramatic has happened with Android tablet stats.

I find it unlikely given that Google has not publicly shared such stats, and that Apple also dinged Android for the same exact thing not too long ago.

Its a shame, because for a while I did consider you as one of the few reasonable people left on this website.

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Ideas worth taking into account should stand up to scrutiny. If you need to bring out very subjective assumptions and arbitrary qualifiers, then don't be surprised if I consider your point suspect. Even if you end up being correct after all.

We have gone through this a few times before though; you seem to operate under the delusion that your personal qualitative opinion somehow constitutes validated quantitative fact. Perhaps that explains why you seem to become irate whenever your words are not taken as canon?

In any case, not earning your "approval" has really hit me hard in he feels. I guess I will just have to pick up the pieces and take it one day at a time, one day at a time...

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There really isn't a doubt that Windows 8 / RT apps are one in the same. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.

It does take a little bit of critical thinking, and given that I do believe I am right, it isn't unreasonable to expect me to become frustrated when others do not arrive at similar conclusions.

That said, I think I've been vindicated often enough. Examples being pretty much Nokia's results for the entire year.

For example, in Q3 2012 Thom wrote a pretty scathing article on the dip in sales. I called it a blip. I got destroyed for it and ridiculed endlessly.

Guess what, it was a blip. Volumes increased sequentially every quarter since.

Another example being Nokia's imminent death (according to some). Nope, Nokia is still alive and doing much better than a year ago. Now the goalposts are moved again. According to cdude and others Nokia should be dead this quarter.

Another example being WP uptake. I said WP would increase market share steadily in key markets. When shoots of growth started showing I was again ridiculed for suggesting it, by doing, guess what, critical thinking. Look today and you see WP growing its market in key markets like the UK and Italy.

Another example is the profit warning that some here rumored would come. Whoops. Never came.

More often than not with these things the complete picture is never presented, and expecting it every time for the sake of argument is an impossibly high standard. What can be done is taking the available evidence and extrapolating from it as much as you can.

I at least try to make my thought process very clear when I do this type of analysis, and disagreeing with my conclusions on those merits is fine with me. You did it last thread and I enjoyed the back and forth.

However being dismissive because Google has failed to publish stats for me to go off of, or because I don't feel like pulling Microsoft's entire catalog to prove an inconsequential point (That a small percentage of overall Win8 apps don't cross over to RT) is wrong in my opinion.

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence as they say.

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