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In the News "According to the CONTEXT data, Android tablets now account for 61.2 percent of the Western European tablet market, more than double the 25.1 percent recorded the same time last year. Apple iOS devices, meanwhile, fell to 37.2 percent of Western European tablet market sales by distribution, from 71.2 percent at the same time last year." This is nothing short of a catastrophic collapse of iPad market share in Europe. Furthermore, "This analysis also screens out the effect of Windows 8, credited in some quarters with helping to drive increased tablet market share and cut into Apple’s tablet lead, but in fact with little to no impact, according to CONTEXT." And yes, Windows 8 on tablets is a dud.
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RE: I was considering Android but
by ricegf on Fri 26th Jul 2013 22:36 UTC in reply to "I was considering Android but"
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I haven't seen this either. When did they first appear? Can you cite a news source? Just wondering what to expect, since I use gmail pretty heavily.

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I haven't seen this either. When did they first appear? Can you cite a news source? Just wondering what to expect, since I use gmail pretty heavily.

I certainly can, though you could have found several yourself had you "googled" this. Here's just one:
I first saw these two days ago and didn't know where the hell they were coming from. It was only after researching that I discovered what was happening and from where it was originating. None of the news sources seem to have found the little iMap bug (or perhaps not a bug) where hiding this promotions tab does not stop them from spamming the living hell out of my iMap inbox, but it makes sense if you consider that "hiding" something from the web interface doesn't mean "removing" it from your account. Considering that I'm mostly using Gmail through iMap on portable devices, this renders Gmail damn near unuseable. These cursed things show up several times per day, and they're not even targeted.
What really pisses me off is that I, unlike some users apparently, was not given an opt in to this new inbox crap. My account had it forced as soon as I logged into the web interface to do some archival clean-up and then the flood began. No more, I say.

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Eh, maybe it's just me but the Promotions tab doesn't have anything I wasn't already getting in my inbox. It's just promotions from sites I'm already signed up with.

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I also believed that all the new Inbox does is classify the e-mails you get; it doesn't send new ads or anything, just tries to sort the mails you would have received anyway. But if so, just disable the Promotions tab, and that's it. BTW, I have disabled everything primary, so I'm back at the old layout. I see this only as a layout change, nothing more.

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The reason I couldn't find it is that the article doesn't match what I get from your rant.

" won’t see [the ads] at all if there are no relevant placements for Google to serve up"

"They also do not appear for users who have disabled the Promotions tab."

"they do not appear in the Gmail mobile app, the spokesperson confirmed"

"The new Gmail is, generally speaking, an improvement."

"less than one per cent of all spam in Gmail reaches an inbox. It could not stuff its own ads in the box if it had not already cleared the space"

But, of course, if you hate Gmail, then by all means go elsewhere. Why not buy your own server and manage it yourself?

I personally never have email sent directly to my Gmail account; I give each person or company a unique email address for me in one of my personal domains, and those domains (with a few select exceptions) are forwarded to Gmail for easy access from anywhere in the world.

This has the added benefit of enabling me to tell which person or company gave my name to someone else; each address is in essence "tagged" with the identity of to whom I gave it.

If I left Gmail, flipping a couple of switches redirects all email to whatever server or service I choose.

Anyway, thanks for the response. Glad to know what it is (and isn't!) that made you so mad - and I certainly understand why you are mad. It will be interesting to see if a significant portion of Gmail users respond with as much anger as you have.

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