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Internet & Networking "Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday." And so, the UK nanny state turns to straight up censorship. Let's look at some of the authoritarian policies that David Cameron wishes to enact.
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by rklrkl on Sat 27th Jul 2013 07:44 UTC
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It is quite amazing that virtually none of the UK media have labelled this porn block as censorship, which is exactly what this is. The major UK ISPs have been increasing such censorship over time - there's been 3 major events so far and I bet we'll see more even after the porn blocking goes in:

First one was child porn blocking. This is illegal and nasty material that I don't have too much of a problem with the UK blocking of, but I did suspect they'd extend it later on to other areas (I was right).

Next up was the blocking of prominent torrent sites (TPB being the most high profile). Whilst they don't actually host any illegal/copyrighted content themselves, torrent sites can be done by dubious "incitement of others to infringe copyright" laws. Personally I have a bit of a problem with this - rather than chasing down the original uploaders which would take a lot of time and resources but be the correct thing to do, they just blank ban a bunch of sites because it's cheaper/easier to do so.

And the latest blocking? Well that's actually of sites that have no illegal content or even copyright infringement incitement either! I totally disagree with this and I can guarantee that there will be many false positives and you won't ever be able to see the list of sites that are being blocked either.

Next up will be blocking of offshore gambling sites - after all, the UK gov doesn't get its tax share of the profits! Of course, anyone with any tech knowledge (Tor, VPN, proxy) can get around this, but you can bet UK gov will have a go at these workarounds at some point too.

Sadly, the UK is now half way down the slippery slope and expect UK gov to grease that slope up further soon.

Trivia point: The major UK broadband ISPs have blocked TPB, er, except Vodafone on mobile devices! Yep, you can view TPB on Vodafone and they haven't blocked the actual torrenting either! Unless Vodafone block TPB, that's where most people will go to get their pr0n fix after the porn block goes in place...

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