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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "In smartphones, it's not all about Apple and Samsung anymore. For several years, these two companies have dominated the mobile phone-making business, successively one-upping each other with ever sleeker, more technologically sophisticated iPhones and Galaxy handsets that left would-be rivals grasping. But now the competition is stirring, and consumers are giving another look to brands they once ignored." Not only is Samsung now more profitable in mobile than Apple (next goalpost please), smaller Android manufacturers, such as LG, ZTE, and Lenovo, are making huge inroads, and are raking in growing profits - in fact, these three now belong to the top 5 mobile device makers. The common parlance that only Samsung is making a profit off Android is simply no longer true.
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Samsung profits on mobile
by Windows Sucks on Sat 27th Jul 2013 23:16 UTC
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Interesting being that Samsung does not break out its mobile profits how do we know what Samsung makes on mobile.

Samsung electronics sells a lot more then just mobile phones and makes a ton of profits off Apple for chips and the like.

I will bet that Apple still makes a good amount more off the iPhone then Sammy makes off all it's phones.

Remember that Sammy's sales guesstimates (Since they don't give actual numbers) are 1. Based on sales into the channel and not to customers and 2. Include a ton of cheap low margin phones.

I think that if you take the cheap stuff out the mix you would see that Apple sells a good amount more phones on the high end and also makes a good amount more profit.

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