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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "In smartphones, it's not all about Apple and Samsung anymore. For several years, these two companies have dominated the mobile phone-making business, successively one-upping each other with ever sleeker, more technologically sophisticated iPhones and Galaxy handsets that left would-be rivals grasping. But now the competition is stirring, and consumers are giving another look to brands they once ignored." Not only is Samsung now more profitable in mobile than Apple (next goalpost please), smaller Android manufacturers, such as LG, ZTE, and Lenovo, are making huge inroads, and are raking in growing profits - in fact, these three now belong to the top 5 mobile device makers. The common parlance that only Samsung is making a profit off Android is simply no longer true.
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RE[7]: Profit or market share
by chithanh on Mon 29th Jul 2013 09:03 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Profit or market share"
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How much of that profit is derived from Android handset sales? Not much at all. I mean damn man, do a little research.
The market is highly competitive and the margins are slim. So what? All the Android vendors among the top 10 smartphone vendors, plus dozens of smaller Chinese and Indian vendors show that you can sell Android for a profit.

Of course they cannot replicate the profit margins that Apple and Samsung are seeing, but there is no need to either.

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RE[8]: Profit or market share
by Nelson on Mon 29th Jul 2013 09:48 in reply to "RE[7]: Profit or market share"
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The profits become comparatively worse. Maybe you're happy with razor slim margins for rationalizations sake, but I doubt they are. It is also why stating that some kind of myth has been disproven is intellectually dishonest.

$100 million dollars left to over 30 OEMs, maybe in your dream world that makes sense and is sustainable.

Of course no one meant (or has ever meant) that absolutely not one OEM can eek out a profit, that's a reframing of the argument, I'm sure some do. What is meant is that they are extremely miniscule compared to the behemoth Samsung.

This fairy tale where all OEMs hold hands and make happy profits is wrong. But go ahead and continue to say otherwise, I expect about as much.

I'll also note that neither you or Thom answered my question.

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