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Games "The Super Game Boy is probably the coolest piece of video game hardware in existence. It's also probably the biggest wasted opportunity in video games. It's been pretty much entirely forgotten about now, because - as is pretty common with neat hardware made by Nintendo - very, VERY few games ever really took advantage of it at all. And it's a shame, because the unique visual style of Super Game Boy-compatible games, in addition to just looking really neat, can teach a lot about effectively using colour in games. The ones that do work exist in a really bizarre stylistic place."
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I'm sorry, but if you need to put profanity in your article title, then you've already lost the argument.

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If you wish to close yourself off from things that use perfectly valid English in a perfectly appropriate manner, then that is very much your loss.

Having just finished the entire series of article, he is perfectly eloquent, and the phrase "Fuck the Super Game Boy" is entirely appropriate for the sentiment he is trying to convey (not his own, mind you) in the final paragraph of the final article.

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Having just finished the entire series of article, he is perfectly eloquent

You read it all and didn't notice it's "she", not "he"? ;)

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Your loss, it's a fun article.

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If you had actually read the article, you would have realized that there is really no point in having it there. Hate to generalize, but it seems like the hallmark of either a 13 year old kid trying to be cool, or a non native English speaker that peppers every other word with an expletive.

It doesn't make any sense there. But in other cases it could be entirely appropriate. Even broken clocks are right twice a day...

But if you ignore the article's title, its not bad. Its a rehashing of a nintendo power article about the super gameboy from the early 90's. If you played gameboy or super nintendo, its a cool reminder of the craziness of those systems. The super gameboy sounded really cool. But I already had a gameboy, I didn't see the point of playing it on a tv.

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That's a shame, because the entire series is fucking brilliant.

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